The world looks better in watercolor


But as Artists... the trick... is how to use it?

It’s a whole New World of Imaging for Artists

In this workshop... David Rankin will train you in the use of one of the most amazing imaging technologies that artists have seen in the history of the Art World. In just the past few years... since August of 2010... a whole new “Digital Medium” was put into a device that has helped shape the world... the Apple iPad. There have been other software applications that worked with images of course. But with the iPad... artists discovered a whole new way to create, develop, and transmit artistic images of all kinds. And with a couple dozen brand new “Art Apps” out there to choose from... there has never been a better time for artists to be alive and creating!

But of all of the available apps that are now available... nothing comes close to the amazing versatility and ease of operation found in the cool new app called... “Paper by 53”.

The artistic objective is to learn how to develop your painting ideas using this app. And although the effort is to try out ideas before committing them to a full watercolor... the ability to create sophisticated images in your iPad has a unique new charm all its own!

Throughout 2013, David created & posted his Daily Bird Studies on Facebook. By the end of the year he had posted more than 378 images of birds from all over the world.

David Rankin & Paper by 53

Professional Watercolor Painter & Wildlife Artist... David Rankin... downloaded and began to work with the “Paper by 53” app the day it came out, a few years ago.

And since then he has become one of the leading artist exponents of this new imaging technology. He has done training & demo programs for numerous Art Organizations and more than 1000 artists all over the country

It’s a New Day for Artists

The strength of David Rankin’s approach lies in his amazing ability to demonstrate & train fellow artists in the use of the iPad with Paper by 53 in artful ways. From the beginning David’s interest was in whether this app could actually help him create better watercolors.

So he set about experimenting with it to push it’s limits and technology to their limits. And throughout this artistic process... David has documented his efforts with his daily postings and loyal followers with tens of thousands of fellow artists... on Facebook.

In addition he also posts a regular feature on Facebook showing just “Landscapes”.

Another Facebook Album is just for Artistic Uses  & Experiments.

One day he showed how he had copied John Singer Sargent’s famous “Alligators” painting using the

Paper by 53 app on his iPad.

He has a whole album of images created using Paper by 53 that he posts on Facebook

Throughout 2015 he is creating a whole new album of just Sketching Faces.

Workshop Goals

This is Not a workshop to just learn how to use your iPad. This is a workshop to learn how to use your iPad in order to become a better painter. And the skills David will train you in are how to use your traditional skills in this new art medium. The goal is to develop the ability to actually use this cool piece of technology... and this amazing app... to streamline & assist your painting efforts.

David working with a large Workshop Group showing them how to begin a painting by developing the idea first in the iPad... and using it as the reference for the painting.

To learn how to use your iPad & App in artful ways... David walks artists through iPad procedures in Hands-on sessions so that artists actually practice the same procedures step-by-step with him.

Working with David on your iPad however is surprisingly fast & easy. The imaging skills have a lot of similarities with your traditional artistic approach... but with a lot less gear... and No Clean-Up.

Working closely with David he will help you learn how to use your traditional drawing skills to create an image. This is a very unique process. But it does have some characteristics that are similar to traditional mediums. And for artists... this is where the real fun begins!

The objective of this unique workshop is to train artists in a precise new way to develop painting Ideas using an Apple iPad with the cool app “Paper by 53”. This app allows artists to develop their paintings ideas in full color... and at warp speed.

Mornings are devoted to the imaging skills on the iPad. Afternoons are focused on utilizing those images & skills combined with your traditional watercolor procedures.

A revolutionary new way watercolor painters can work faster & better!

And with recent upgrades they’ve made to the app... the sophistication an artist can now achieve is even greater than before. Here David shows how the newest developments with the new stylus... called “PENCIL”... allows him to create amazing color blends that are very similar to the way he works in watercolor

From Ideas to Painting

David is one of the top “Bird Artists” in the world today. And can you see how his watercolor style here to the right... shares great similarities with his hundreds of Daily Bird Studies posted on Facebook.

Look at the softly lit edge blends in the snow in the iPad image above,,, and then look at the same visual effect David develops using watercolor in the large painting below.

Gray Studies

Here’s one of the more unique skills David will train you in... Gray Studies. You will learn his Watercolor Procedures as well as his iPad Procedures... both of which are used to develop a clear Value Arrangement for any painting.

Here's the video showing the stages mentioned above... watch it full screen... on YouTube

First things First

The initial efforts... learning how to make full artistic use of this app on your iPad... is to learn how to create drawings using the various pens, pencils, and brushes.

The Fine Art of Sketching

David Rankin is one of the leading Sketching Masters in the country. And here is an example of his sketching style using a 9B Woodless Graphite Pencil technique... which he will also teach you.

But the trick here... is to take your drawing skills right into this Paper by 53 app... on your iPad. 

1st stage iPad Sketch

So here we have David’s sketch...

done on his iPad using what he refers to as the Quill Pen in the app.

It provides a very lovely expressive line

that makes for beautiful sketching.

1st Color & Shading

But now... look what you can do with even the simplest sketches. In mere moments you can add some wonderful color to your sketches. This is a huge plus that this app allows. Rather than just a pencil sketch... with a little shading... you can create full color sketches that are wonderful.

Add a Background

But we’re just beginning. Now add a background color that helps to pop your drawing in mere moments. Imagine how you would create such an image in your traditional mediums?

Change your mind?

But now... you get done with your drawing and adding a background... but after looking at it for awhile... you decide the background should be a bit darker in order to have more contrast with the bird. No Problem... because using this app... It’s extremely easy. You just add another layer of blue. In fact... David will show you how you could save stages numerous times and try several different colors... “Before” committing a color in the finished painting. How cool is that?

David’s Tutorial Watercolors on Facebook

Click Images to View Albums on Facebook

In these unique training sessions David projects his iPad so that everyone can see the various procedures easily.

In this unique way... David can show you very specific steps and shortcuts in how to create, adjust, and use colors from the amazing color palettes in the Paper by 53 app. You learn how to use your own iPad faster... because you are practicing the procedures right along with David as he walks you through the app’s powerful art tools & brushes.

In the normal artistic way David used to work... he’d do pencil sketches on paper... and then paint over them with watercolor. It’s a lovely traditional technique & style. But it requires a lot of gear...

a sketchbook...

various pencils...


water containers...

mixing palettes...

paper towels...

a work space...

and a box full of many tubes of watercolor each one of which costs $5-$15...

Artist’s Showplace Gallery exhibits a wide variety of traditional and contemporary art in an airy, spacious venue.

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Shubha Mantri

David Rankin’s 21st Century Watercolor Workshop... May 4~8... will be held in the Workshop facilities of this magnificent 12,000 square foot Gallery in Dallas, Texas.

21st Century Watercolor Workshop

Image above done Plein Air on an Apple iPad... then... it was used as reference for the watercolor below!


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