Painting Faces


Watercolor is not the easiest medium to use if you’re wanting to paint portraits. However... over the years David has developed a unique  approach that makes it quite simple and very enjoyable. And he’s used it all over the world.

In this Workshop David will show you how to create portraits in a much simpler fashion using traditional watercolor. And although David is widely known as a strong adherent of good drawing & sketching skills... surprisingly... he says that you don’t have to be expert at these skills to create a watercolor portrait.

As he says... “The reason artist’s get intimidated by portraits is that they judge themselves way too harshly. The way to refine you skills is to ease up on the self-criticism... focus on a simplified technique... and have fun.


Making it Simple

Watercolor Portrait Studies from David Rankin’s Watercolor Expedition in the Ganges Himalayas of North India. The trick is to develop a working style that allows you to create Watercolor Portraits fast... effective... and easy!

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The goal of this One-Day Workshop is to begin the process of developing a good sound “proven” method for creating Watercolor Portraits that can be done in an hour or so... NOT 5 Days!. If your technique is too cumbersome & slow you’ll get tired and discouraged. With David’s approach Portraits become Fun and they’ll energize your enthusiasm and encourage you to take on many new efforts!.

Develop a basic shape of a face along with it’s shadow structure Using a less detailed line drawing.

Then you    paint it

using only 1-3 layers of watercolor.

David sketching his Himalayan Guide for the painting below.

David has designed this One-Day Workshop to provide artists with a unique streamlined skill-set that you can use to develop this into a comprehensive working style.

As David states... “All too often artists shy away from portrait subjects... either because they find them too challenging... or... because they take too long. In my own case... I needed a working style that I could use as I travelled in India. I didn’t have unlimited amounts of time to noodle a portrait to death. Instead... I wanted an approach that allowed me to work quickly and effectively. And now... I can create wonderful little portraits in watercolor in an hour or so. And you can too!”

David Rankin Watercolor Portraits

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