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March Workshop at the Euclid Art Association in Cleveland Ohio

        Painting Watercolor Portraits

        The ability to create a Watercolor Portrait of someone can be done quickly or slowly.  They can contain a ton of minute detail... or be almost abstract or stylized. In this Workshop you will learn David Rankin’s unique and effective procedures for creating lovely small watercolors of a person’s face in about an hour.

Euclid Art Association Contact: Susan Herrle -

May Workshop at the Artist’s Showcase Gallery in Dallas Texas

        21st Century Watercolor

        Learning how to make dynamic and creative use of an Apple iPad with the Paper by 53 app to streamline and improve your Watercolor painting skills. This is a very unique new workshop that David Rankin has created in order to help Watercolor Painters to develop and try out their Watercolor Painting Ideas very quickly using the Paper by 53 app. Over the past 2 years David Rankin has worked with over 1000 artists and numerous Artist Organizations presenting his very innovative and effective techniques for developing a selection of very sophisticated creative procedures that artists can use to streamline their own painting process.

Artist’s Showcase Gallery / Dallas Texas

Contact: Shubanghi Mantri -

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September David Rankin at SKB Workshop in Dubois Wyoming

       The Artistic Use of an iPad with the Paper by 53 app

        As a returning Guest Instructor at this famous Workshop David will be once again working with a selection of artists to refine and enhance both their ability to Sketch using traditional pencils etc... as well as their new abilities using the Apple iPad with Paper by 53. This is David’s 10th year as part of the Instructional Staff of the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation. And this amazing Workshop has become one of the top training workshops in the world for both professional and amateur artists of all kinds.

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Contact: Pam Cable / Executive Director Susan Kathleen Black Foundation -